Lecture Series Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Journal „SIGN SYSTEMS STUDIES“, Autumn, 2014, The Department of Semiotics, Unioversity of Tartu, Estonia

SSS50_Lecture Series


This year we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our journal “Sign Systems Studies”, the oldest academic journal of semiotics in the world.

A lecture series “Lectures on the study of sign systems” will be held during the autumn months of 2014. Guests will include Russian philologist and researcher in Juri Lotman’s archive Igor Pilshchikov, historians Carlo Ginzburg and Marek Tamm, orientalist Märt Läänemets, cultural psychologist Peeter Tulviste, narratologist Marina Grišakova, media researcher Indrek Ibrus, writers Berk Vaher ja Valdur Mikita, Russian philologist Ljubov Kisseljova, archaeologist Valter Lang, semioticians Daniele Monticelli, Mihhail Lotman, Peeter Torop and Ülle Pärli.

Also, as part of the celebrations, a conference will be held in the beginning of December, with the plenary lecture by Edna Andrews.

Many of the lectures in the series will be held in Estonian, but in September we will also have two lectures in English. Here is some information about them.

Igor Pilshchikov: “The Tartu-Moscow School of Semiotics in Transnational Perspective”. 17.09, at 16.15, at Jakobi 2-306

The lecture will focus on

  • the evolution of structural and semiotic approaches to languages, literatures and cultures in Estonia, and the role of “Sign Systems Studies”;
  • the continuity and transfer of ideas and organizational forms between Russian formalism, Polish formalism, Czech interwar structuralism and, finally, post-WWII Estonian, Russian, Italian, and French structuralism and semiotics;
  • the influence of TMS on literary theory and semiotics of culture in Europe and worldwide, and the prospects for its recalibration in the context of contemporary cultural and literary theory.

Carlo Ginzburg: “Dialogue as Fight, Dialogue as Challenge”. 24.09, at 16.15, at Jakobi 2-306

Abstract. For many years, I have been trying to develop in many different directions Mikhail Bakhtin’s  reflections on the dialogic dimension.  I would like to illustrate this point,  focusing on a few case studies, related to my own research as a historian.

Here is the official link to the lectures (in English):


And on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sisyst50

Here is the link to the NEW official website for the Sign Systems Studies: http://www.sss.ut.ee/

Tarasti nomination as Doctor Honoris Causa of Aix-Marseille University

We are happy to announce that Professor Eero Tarasti has been nominated as Doctor Honoris Causa of Aix-Marseille University. The ceremony will take place on Nov. 18, 2014 at 5 pm during the “Soirée Scientifique” at Aix-Marseille University. Our congratulations to Prof. Tarasti.
invitation letter E. Tarasti

Jakob von Uexküll Lectures, organized by the University of Tartu

In order to honour the work of biosemiotician Jakob von Uexküll, the Department of Semiotics of the University of Tartu, in association with Jakob von Uexküll Centre, present a lecture series by eminent scholars in the fields related to Uexküll’s legacy. The lectures will be recorded and made available at the homepage of Jakob von Uexküll Lectures.

The first lecture was given by Professor Wendy Wheeler (Professor of English Literature and Cultural Inquiry at the London Metropolitan University), titled as “The Carrying: Material Frames and Immaterial Meanings”. The video is available at http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=19718 .

The homepage of Jakob von Uexküll Lectures:


Seminar on Brand Semiotics – George Rossolatos at Tartu University

2-days seminar on Brand Semiotics

George Rossolatos MSc, MBA, PhD

Tartu University

May 13-14 2014


Whom is this seminar for?

Primary target-group: Semiotics students from all levels (BA, MA, PhD) and faculty whose primary field of research is not marketing semiotics.

Secondary target-group: Academic researchers in the field of branding (in the wider marketing discipline) who are interested in learning about semiotic approaches to branding and brand equity.

Tertiary target group: Branding practitioners.


Seminar objectives

The primary aim of the seminar on Brand Semiotics is to acquaint academic researchers in the wider semiotic discipline with existing conceptual models and research methods in brand semiotics and in branding research with an intent on demonstrating how semiotic constructs may be fruitfully applied in building strong brands. The seminar is of inter-disciplinary orientation, spanning both semiotics and marketing disciplines, while highlighting how semiotics may provide answers to aspects of the research agenda in branding from a marketing point of view. Furthermore, the seminar aims at stimulating discussion about how semiotics has been applied thus far in branding research, but also about the research opportunities that lie ahead.


Topics that will be covered in the seminar:

–          Where semiotics actually fits in a strategic brand planning process?

–          What does ‘strong brand’ mean and how semiotic constructs may provide a robust platform for building strong brands and managing them over time?

–          Overview of branding models (from a marketing point of view)

–          Overview of brand semiotic models

–          Overview of methods for researching and building brands

–          Overview of dominant and emerging academic perspectives on branding and brand equity

–          Step-by-step exposition of a bespoke methodological framework for exploring and building brand equity from a brand textuality point of view


About the presenter:

George Rossolatos is an academic researcher and marketing practitioner, with experience in advertising (JWT), marketing research (Research International/Millward Brown) and brand management (Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, Weetabix, Cosmote). He holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy from the University of Essex, an MSc in Marketing from Manchester Business School and an MBA from Strathclyde Business School and a PhD in Marketing Semiotics from the University of Kassel. He is also the editor of the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics ( http://ijmarketingsemiotics.com/ ). Major publications include Interactive Advertising: Dynamic Communication in the Information Era (2002), Brand Equity Planning with Structuralist Rhetorical Semiotics (2012, 2014), Applying Structuralist Semiotics to Brand Image Research (2012),  //rhetor.dixit//: Understanding ad texts’ rhetorical structure for differential figurative advantage (2013), plus numerous articles in trade and academic journals. His research interests rest with effecting inter-disciplinary cross-fertilizations between marketing, rhetoric and semiotics, also informed by disciplines such as phenomenology, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, anthropology, communication theory, cultural studies.

Senso e censura – Ciclo di conferenze nell’ambito del Seminario di semiotica della cultura


School of Semiotics in Cyprus – June 2014


Collection for the portrait painting of Professor Eero Tarasti – University of Helsinki

Collection for the portrait painting of Professor Eero Tarasti –

To complete the portrait gallery of the professors at the University of Helsinki, Galleria Academica, we invite you to congratulate Professor Eero Tarasti on his 65th birthday on September 27, 2013 by participating in the portrait project.

The portrait of Professor Tarasti will be painted by well-known Finnish artist Daniel Enckell. Professor Tarasti has been acting as Professor of the Musicology Department at the University of Helsinki since 1984, and he is an internationally known scholar of classical music and semiotics. The portrait will be unveiled at his birthday celebration, the date of which will be announced later.

You can take part in the birthday present collection before June 5, 2013 by answering this e-mail. Please let us know the following:

(1) the names of the congratulators; the names will be published in a table of congratulators Tabula Gratulatoria;

(2) the amount of your donation; for example, 20-30 €.

We kindly ask you to send your contribution to the following Nordea bank account:

FI13 1572 3500 8033 90

In the message field, please write the name(s) of the congratulator(s), and the place of origin.

PayPal account can be used as well, by using e-mail tarasti65@gmail.com

With kind regards,

Portrait Committee:

Professor Pirjo Kukkonen
Departmental Amanuensis Irma Vierimaa
Subeditor Paul Forsell

For more information: irma.vierimaa@helsinki.fi


Collecte d’argent pour le portrait en peinture du professeur Eero Tarasti

Pour compléter la galerie de portraits des professeurs de l’Université de Helsinki, Galleria Academica, nous vous invitons à féliciter le professeur Eero Tarasti à son 65ème anniversaire le 27 septembre 2013 en participant au projet de portrait.

Le portrait sera peint par un célèbre artiste peintre finlandais, Daniel Enckell. Le professeur Tarasti est Professeur titulaire de la chaire du Département de Musicologie à l’Université de Helsinki depuis 1984. C’est un spécialiste de renommée internationale en musique classique et en sémiotique. Le portrait sera dévoilé à la réception de l’anniversaire du professeur Tarasti dont la date sera communiquée ultérieurement.

Vous pouvez participer à la collecte d’anniversaire jusqu’au 5 juin 2013 par réponse à ce courriel. Pour cela, veuillez indiquer :

(1) les noms des personnes présentant leurs félicitations ; ceux-ci seront publiés dans la liste Tabula Gratulatoria;

(2) le montant de votre contribution, par exemple 20-30 €.

Nous vous prions d’envoyer votre contribution sur le compte bancaire suivant de la banque Nordea :


FI13 1572 3500 8033 90


Dans la case « message », veuillez écrire le(s) nom(s) du/des personnes qui présentent leurs félicitations, ainsi que le lieu d’origine de la contribution.


Le comité portrait :

Professeur Pirjo Kukkonen

Secrétaire académique du Département de Musicologie Irma Vierimaa

Rédacteur Paul Forsell

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez vous adresser à : irma.vierimaa@helsinki.fi


Colecta para el Regalo de Cumpleaños para el Profesor Eero Tarasti 

Retrato para la Galería de Profesores de Musicología de la Universidad de Helsinki.

Lo invitamos a felicitar al profesor Eero Tarasti en su cumpleaños 65 a celebrarse el 27 de septiembre de 2013, contribuyendo con el proyecto de la elaboración de su retrato, que formará parte de la galería de profesores de musicología de la Universidad de Helsinki. El retrato será realizado por el reconocido artista finlandés Daniel Enckell. Eero Tarasti ha sido profesor del departamento de Musicología de la Universidad de Helsinki desde 1984 y es un renombrado investigador de la música clásica y la semiótica. El retrato será develado en la celebración de su cumpleaños, la fecha será anunciada más tarde.

Usted puede contribuir con el regalo para el profesor Tarasti respondiendo a este e-mail antes del junio 5 de 2013, a la dirección: irma.vierimaa@helsinki.fi. Por favor, envíenos los siguientes datos:

-Nombres de los contribuyentes; los nombres serán publicados en la tabula gratulatoria

-El monto de su donación, por ejemplo 20-30 euros

Le pedimos hacer su contribución a la siguiente cuenta del Banco Nordea:

FI13 1572 3500 8033 90

En el campo de mensaje por favor escriba el nombre(s) del donante(s) y su lugar de origen.

Con los mejores deseos,

El Comité del Proyecto del Retrato:

Profesora Pirjo Kukkonen

Irma Vierimaa, secretaria del Departamento de Musicología de la Universidad de Helsinki

Paul Forsell, subeditor

Para mayor información escríbanos a: irma.vierimaa@helsinki.fi

On Youtube: Eero Tarasti lectures on music history

The lectures by Professor Eero Tarasti, University of Helsinki,  on music history are now available in the youtube, entitled “Music History: Style Periods and Aesthetics”. The lectures (7) deal with classical composers, such as J.S. Bach. W.A. Mozart, Ludwig van  Beethoven and Richard Wagner; their main works are analyzed at piano, and  connected to other arts and philosophies of their times.

Lectures can be found in the adress:


On Youtube: Eero Tarasti lecture course on the “European semiotics” and a roundtable about his theory of existential semiotics

The lecture course on the “European semiotics” given by professor Eero Tarasti (in English) at the Helsinki University in the autumn semester of 2010  is available  now at Helsinki University Youtube:


Moreover, the roundtable about his  theory of existential semiotics in Paris, Institut finlandais, in the autumn of 2010 as well  (in French),  can be looked at:


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