On Youtube: Eero Tarasti lecture course on the “European semiotics” and a roundtable about his theory of existential semiotics

The lecture course on the “European semiotics” given by professor Eero Tarasti (in English) at the Helsinki University in the autumn semester of 2010  is available  now at Helsinki University Youtube:


Moreover, the roundtable about his  theory of existential semiotics in Paris, Institut finlandais, in the autumn of 2010 as well  (in French),  can be looked at:


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  1. | seams that the time for an inference of semiotic tension has overwhelmed the socio-semiotic aim to reduce spaces, in an economic orders, but only ‘à la carte’ and, more often, the unique plate is served without choice. So that we need a blank cell [-] inscription of conscience and semantic of discourse re-introduce the idea of historic experience of intelligibility, when the ‘naif’ speech is freely introduced , between others options of more sincere or reflective acts of reasoning. Secondly I had a doubt, listening, some of Levi-Strauss conclusion on ‘abstraction’, because if he stigmatize the argument as ‘to be superficial’ in communicating aesthetic experience, nonetheless argued to try to reach the figurative intentions, the authoritative scheme of the self, between the lines (speaking about arts): I’m thinking to Umberto Eco’s Lector in fabula and respect the situation of development more as I can visualize and reconstruct the reading model, and the constructive aim of it, but, who knows what cognitive manipulation will do to us when the body language is a question of auto-evaluation… so going back to intentionality and to poetry as rhythm, it doesn’t seem so bad as a response (I believe at Urbino summer semiotic session was introduce pragmatically around ’98 as a must in semiotic studies, but who knew its emergency – while Henri Meshonnic gets in ‘Litterature’ with a baton for self evidence), is a different way to protection, I think; third, on the the plus/minus valences and equal results chain_is that inferential or somehow quick etymology? probably ‘mnemotechnics’ are still capable to resist the obvious, where once we had to doubt and keep analogies, of the wrong layer or side of the leaf, to understand the ‘energy’, comprehend the rhetoric of the real, layered as element of ‘sacralisation’ (similar to some rock art palimpsest), artistic conjunction (type-token), quote (resonance thinking), daily comprehension (mutual solutions), etc. Still – do compete with that, a challenge!

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