List of Plenary Speakers at the 11th IASS Congress, Nanjing 2012

List of Plenary Speakers at the 11th IASS Congress, Nanjing 2012


1.(Germany) Bernhard Waldenfels (as the guest openning speaker):
Signs and Phenomena. Phenomenological-Semiotic Considerations

B. 瓦登费尔思(德):记号和现象。现象学-符号学的思考(开幕式客座讲演)

2.(France) Jacques Fontanille:
The figures of the body and the semiotics of footprint


3.(Finland) Eero Tarasti:
Semiotics as the transcultural metalanguage


4.(China) Zhang Jie:
Reception and Modification of Russian Semiotics in China


5.(USA)John Deely:
How zoosemiosis both permeates and is transcended by anthroposemiosis


6.(Japan) Yoshihiko IKEGAMI:
Subject-Object Contrast and Subject-Object Merger in ‘Thinking for Speaking’ — A Typology of Cognitive Processing in Linguistic Encoding and Its Homologues in Pictorial Encoding


7.(Italy)Susan Petrilli/ Augusto Ponzio:
Interpreting Global Semiotics: Bridging Cultures and Global Implications/Global vulnerability and Preventive Peace


8.( Venezuela)José Enrique Finol:
Semiotics of the body: skin, fashion, and pornography


9.(Chinese-American) Youzheng Li
Ren-humanist ethics and future of semiotics



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