Augusto Ponzio: The Dialogic Nature of Signs at the Semiotics Institute Online


Lecture 1. Dialogue and Alterity Dialogue and dialogism: formal and substantial dialogue
Lecture 2. Dialogue and Alterity Dialogue in “dialogue genre”, external and internal discourse, utterance, and individual word
Lecture 3. Dialogue and Sign The sign as something which calls for a certain response, according to another something, i. e. the interpretant
Lecture 4. Dialogue and Sign The sign is firstly an interpretant, that is, a response
Lecture 5. Logic as Dia-logic

  1. Alterity and dialogism in semiosis and argumentation
  2. Degrees of alterity in deduction, induction and abduction

Lecture 6. Dialogism and Biosemiosis Dialogism, modeling and communication in semiosis
Lecture 7. Dialogism and Biosemiosis Bakhtinian dialogism and biosemiosis
Lecture 8. For a Critique of Dialogic Reason

  1. Dialogue and dialectics
  2. Dialogism in Bodies and Signs

All lectures now online

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