5th Congress of IASS-AIS

Scientific and Organizing Committees

Organizing Committee:

President & Co-Director: Irmengard Rauch

Co-Director: Gerald F. Carr

Honorary President: Thomas A. Sebeok


Alain J.-J. Cohen

Frank Johnson

W.G. Kudszus

William Watt

Secretary: Lihua Zhang

Scientific Committee:

Karl-Otto Apel (Germany)

Jeff Bernard (Austria)

Gérard Deledalle (France)

Umberto Eco (Italy)

Solomon Marcus (Romania)

Jerzy Pelc (Poland)

Roland Posner (Germany)

Joëlle Réthoré (France)

M. Lúcia Santaella (Brazil)

R.N. Srivastava + (India)

David Savan + (Canada)

Thomas A. Sebeok (USA)

John Searle (USA)

Ladislav Tondl (Czech Republic)

Gloria Withalm (Austria)

Masao Yamaguchi (Japan)


Rauch, Irmengard & Gerald F. Carr (eds.) (1997).

Semiotics around the World: Synthesis in Diversity. Proceedings of the Fifth Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, Berkeley1994 (= Approaches to Semiotics. 126)

Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 3 vols.

ISBN 3-11-012223-5


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